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The school of biblical worldview seeks to learn thinking biblically and through this change of mind produce effective and permanent changes within the society.


Our great challenge is the world of the ideas. They are the ones that change the history, and therefore we are called to challenge the established thinking.


Thinking biblically will allow us to produce changes in the different areas of the society: home, church, education, art, sports, comunication, health, business and government. The course is focused on the reinterpretation of the scientific and philosophical thinking but not only to remain in the thinking, but to start carrying out specific actions to transform the different areas of the society. To achieve this goal, the school offers different teachings aimed to the reinterpratation of thinking and to the development of specific transformation projects. Among others we can mention:

  • How to develop business projects from a biblical perspective?
  • How to produce transformation from a public jail?
  • How to reinterprate the history program of a elementary school?
  • How to combat drug trafficking in a specific place?
  • How to produce legislation changes?

With this purpose, participants will choose a topic of their interest and they will be encourage to think biblically in order to develop a transformation project. This project could be personal or in group.


Classes will be given by teachers with wide experience and knowledge in their specific fields.


Classes are from monday to friday from 9am to 7pm and include:

  • Classes in Spanish and English
  • Workshops
  • Individual projects
  • Team work
  • Pastoral groups

The course includes practical work after lunch. Once or twice a week classes are complemented with the analysis of movies, newspaper articles and seminars of actual topics.

When? Date: January 2017.

Where: The location of Youth with a Mission, Santiago, fundo 4 álamos, parcela 2C, Comuna de San Bernardo.


How much it cost? (Aprox 650 dollars) includes: accomodation for all the course, feeding during (monday to friday) and materials.


If you want to suscribe now or have any question, please contact us to this mail:

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Office telephone: 56 (02) 25579833